Friday, March 21, 2008

"The Word of the Lord Came to Nathan "

If you've read 2 Samuel recently you might notice from where the title of this post comes, 2 Sam. 7:4. God commanded the prophet Nathan to return to David and deliver him a message, which we know as the Davidic Covenant.

The reason I quote this seemingly unimportant verse comes from the title of the blog: Nate's Davar. Of course, all of you Hebrew scholars out there will quickly note that Davar is Hebrew for "word." Better if supported a Hebrew font, alas I'll have to wait until they catch up with the ever-progressing Microsoft Word.

Nate's Davar doesn't role off the tongue quite like three finely crafted alliterated sermon points on Sunday morning, but it does get the point across with a bit of personality, (I hope). "A Word from Nathan" just wasn't going to cut it. I considered trying to incorporate alliteration along with a Greek word beginning with "N," but when I perused a greek dictionary I found most words beginning with "N" had to do with newness, youngness, or death and misery. Not quite what I'm going for.

At this point I am somewhat unsure as to the content of this blog, only because this is my first. What I am going for are thoughtful reflections on life, divinity school, marriage, and what God is teaching me and all of us. Whatever it turns out to be, I hope it will have just the right amount of humor, interesting information, and theological reflection that might provide food for the ruach (Hebrew for "soul").

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