Monday, January 19, 2009

Too much for me

Concerning how average Americans can help out economy, I recently heard someone describe it this way: In the past years, under the Bush administration, the word for Americans was spend; but this year if we really want to help America, the word is save.

Much of our economies problems are due to Americans living outside of their financial means, buying houses too big, taking out large loans, living off of credit cards and racking up debt in so doing. No wonder the federal government went a little spending crazy as well. As a country, we need to seek out the oldest members in our families and ask them how to save money, because they most likely grew up pinching every penny. My great-grandmother sure did.

Barack Obama's inauguration is tomorrow, and as we look toward the changing of the presidential guard I think back to some of statements he made concerning cutting government spending. He repeatedly promised to review the federal budget line-by-line in order to cut spending anywhere possible. I think that's a good thing.

However, I am concerned about Obama's ability to carry out a presidential term that spends less than previous administrations. In one month of campaigning, Obama spent more money than had ever before been spent on any candidates entire campaign. And now I find this article concerning the cost of his inauguration.

Clinton's inauguration in 1993 cost approximately 33 million.
In 2005 Bush spent around 42.3 million.
Tomorrow's celebration is expected to cost more than 150 million.

I should first say that I am a supporter of Obama, but that's just way too much money for me. What if the government set the example of saving money by actually...saving money? What an idea?!

I realize more people than ever are planning on attending tomorrow's party and speech, but I cannot condone spending over three times the amount needed just 4 years ago. I can think of (and I'm sure Mr. Obama can too) many better ways that money can be used.

I also realize the Obama is probably not planning the inauguration himself and has little say over the money spent. I just hope that this is not a foreshadowing of how money will be spent during the next 4 years.

I have high hopes for our country's recovery in the next few years, and I hope that our new president leads us well. May we all do our part in the effort.

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