Friday, March 19, 2010

Carrey Me

At my 6th grade "graduation" ceremony thing awards and superlatives were given out. There was a group of goofy type awards during which I was given "The Jim Carrey" award. My teacher said, "Nathan walked into my class room with a different facial expression on every single day."

Ever since then, about 2 or 3 times a year I have been, and still get, told that I look like or remind someone of Jim Carrey.

I, personally, can't say that I look much like him. However, I have heard dozens of times throughout life that I resemble or am reminiscent of the wacky and flamboyant actor. I am a fan of much of his acting and many of his movies including, The Truman Show, The Mask, Liar Liar (OMG! Somebody just now, I mean right now, just told me that I reminded her of Jim Carrey. I'm not even kidding.), Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, and of course ol' Fire Marshall Bill from SNL.

Since I was small I've always enjoyed taking wacky pictures or contorting my face in new ways. I have energy and have been known to spaz in ways reminiscent of Mr. Carrey's TV/movie personality. That I cannot deny.

I am funny (and I know how lame it sounds when someone says, "I'm funny."), so perhaps it is the laughter along with my hieght and lankiness that forms the connection in people's minds. But there are plenty of tall funny people.

So, what is it? What about me causes the occasional person to make this comparison. If this thought has ever entered your mind, please be a doll and enter it on the comments section. I don't need your defense of why I don't remind you of him, but any insights into why this comparison is broched every few months would be helpful.

See, don't Heather and I look just like Jim and Jenny?...I didn't think so either.


Vicki Hesse said...

I do believe that it's your ability to clap with one hand that sets you apart from yaar Carrey.

Erin Miller said...

brown hair, elastic mouth, willingness to be goofy for a laugh, that weird knocked knee'd shuffle you do down the hall toward lunch.........that's a start.

Robert L said...

You guys are WAY hotter!!