Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pups + Snow = FUN

Our dogs love the snow! More specifically, Lola loves running and playing it it. She dashes, leaps and then disappears as a cloud of white snowy mist arises from where ever she landed or turned. When she emerges from said cloud she is as happy as dog-ly possibly. In contrast (those of you who know Dakota best will understand this) Dakota loves to eat the snow. 

Total accumulation, we probably received a little over two feet of snow so far in my part of Anchorage. 

Dakota and Lola, of course, are NC dogs and not really made for this kind of cold weather. Hence, when we go to the dog park for long periods of play, they have to wear doggy vests and little booties over their feet. 

Now, when ever we get out their vests, they get so excited. 

In the snow, there's no need for a tennis ball. Snow balls make perfect fetch apparatuses (apparati?). Well, sort of, they can't exactly bring them back. But, at least they get to go and run. 

Ready to pounce!
We regularly go to the dog park with our friend Janalle and her husky-lab mix, Dannie-girl. Around our house, whenever we say Dannie's name, our two muts get really excited.
At dog park, w/ friend Janelle and Dannie-girl
Other words that instantly excite Dakota and Lola are, "play," "outside," "go," "hungry" (and Hungary), "Anna" (Heather's mom), and daddy saying to them in puppy voice, "Your momma's home!"

Of course, the most motivating sound, the one that get's them up the quickest, the mover of those muts, the thing that has them scurrying through the house as fast as you'll see them move is....the sound of food dropping to the floor when cooking. 

(Similarly, the single sound that gets me moving the quickest is... the sound of dry-heaving pre-upchuck that Dakota makes at 3am in the morning on a work night.)
Heather, Janelle, Lola and a little spit of Dannie on the right
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

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