Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alaska w/ Robert and Anna, 2012!

Our friends Robert and Anna visited us back in April, for their 2nd trip to America's Last Frontier. We love seeing them and never get to spend enough time together. While they were here this time, I made some strong head way in my plan to convince them to move to Alaska. 

One of the first nights, we took them to eat at Simon and Seafort's, a fancy shmancy restaurant that sits on the water with a view of the sunset.

The sunset view from our table
Of course, in April, we still had to wait until after 9pm for the sun to go down.

Driving around some neighborhoods after dinner, Robert erupted in the car, "Ahhhh, STOP!" We all jumped. Then we realized, he had only spotted a moose in someone's front yard, feasting on a tree. It was a bit dark, and so he didn't show up in our photos too well. But here's the best one I could get.

Their visit this trip was less main-event-ful than last year's visit to Denali National Park. We spent more time around our apartment, playing games, and going to the YMCA. We love spending regular days with our friends.

One day we met some local friends at the dog park to walk a spell. There were 9 people all together and about 5 dogs tromping around in the still thick snow.

Lola and Kona competing over stick chewing rights

Good times were had by all.

Our two babies racing back to us!
At one point we spotted a moose off the trail in a field. Anna walked the trail to a good picture spot. Robert, the hunter, took the wooded route. Only the snow was up past his knees so my friend was anything but stealth moving through the trees.

Here they are walking back after photographing the moose (on the trail route)
The one main "event" activity we did together, was to go skiing. Anna and Robert and wanted to try out their Eastern North Carolina ski legs again after having done it growing up.

Heather and Anna with their "game" faces on
Heather convinced Anna that a ski lesson would be a good idea to refresh herself. Robert opted out and followed me around.

Anna - wore out
Skiing is tiring. But after her lesson, Anna was a little snow bunny. She followed Heather around with her snow plow technique and could've gone anywhere.
Robert about to fall out
"Snow bunny" is not exactly how I would describe Robert on skis. He powered his way down the hill, using muscles he hasn't engaged since....well....probably ever. Only once did he go down and refuse to get up until he was able to sit and rest.

Anna, finally to her feet, ready to go. "Go Anna go!" 
All in all, it was a good ski day. The weather was not the greatest, however. Overcast with spitting rain at the bottom, and sleet mid-mountain. Snow at the top, although, with beginners we didn't spend anytime there.

And lastly, before their trip to Alaska, Robert and I had a bet in place. A slap bet. To encourage my friend in his weight loss effort, he had agreed to a slap in the face if he hadn't reached a certain goal before coming to Alaska. I will let the video give the results.

p.s. Robert and I have yet, another slap bet in place for when we will see each other this coming October. Hopefully, the results will be different.


Erin Miller said...

Ouch! But other then the slap, what a fun trip. Glad you two got to have your buddies visit.

Audrey said...

OMG!!! I cannot believe the slap!! I heard the "that was not that hard" comment but man it was loud!! Yikes! I bet Robert wins the next time and no slapping.

Laughing still at the thought of Robert the snow-bunny.

Looks like a fun trip!