Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Two of the four chaplain residents are vegetarians. And I must say that the hospital cafeteria is not very welcoming to them. Yes, there is a salad bar and side items at the home-cookin' line, but I imagine this gets old pretty quick with such limited options. Not to mention, the soup called vegetable soup often appears to contain bits of mystery meat and the side item green beans and such are often cooked in bacon. (Sounds good to me.)
BTW: if you like bacon, click here.
However, just in the past couple of weeks the cafeteria has made meager attempts, though attempts nonetheless, at better welcoming our non-Babe-eating friends. Often soup will be labeled when it is strictly vegetarian, and just today one of the lines was catering intentionally to vegetarians (Vegetarian Delight with Great Grains!).
Also, there has appeared a new sign in the serving area which reads, "Flex-uh-tayr-ian." Below is a definition: one who eats 1 meatless meal per week.
Wanting to prove to my colleagues that I'm not simply a mindless meat eating carnivour, I've decided to take up the cause. Today I ate my third vegetarian meal in only two weeks. So I'm actually ahead of the curve.
I have noticed on my no-meat days that I become hungry a tad bit earlier than usual; however, it's kind of a nice feeling knowing that my body is going to have to convert some of my stored fat into energy (die fat, die!).
So, if you're looking for even the mildest attempt at bettering your health, perhaps you'll join me in riding the flexitarian wave that will likely never sweap the country.

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Nora said...

Yay! Lately I've been eating at least one meatless meal a day, mainly because that seems to be the only dietary choice that actually has real environmental benefits. When vegetarian food is done right (i.e. not attempting to pass itself off as fake meat), it can be tastier than many meat dishes, IMO. I haven't managed to sell Adam on tofu yet, but I finally found tempeh at a local shop and I intend to inflict that on him as much as I can.