Thursday, January 28, 2010

The one that got away

I've heard people say before that dogs don't dream. Personally, I think that's a piece of 'crap.' And here's a crappy story to explain why.
It's not unusual for either Dakota or Lola to react, move or make sounds while sleeping. Sometimes their feet will move in unison as if she were running, presumably chasing a rabbit or a stray piece of bacon on the floor. Sometimes they get bothered while dreaming and begin to whimper, breathing heavily with crimped eyebrows.
Well, not too long ago Heather and I were settling in to bed as were Dakota and Lola on their doggy beds on either side of our bed. The lights were off, crickets could be heard outside, calmness was upon us as heavy as the comforter blanket.
Soon we began hearing an adorable whimper of the not-quite-one-year-0ld puppy, Lola at the bedside. "She must be chasing a bunny," I whispered. "Or running from one," chuckled Heather back at me. Moments later the whimpering and slight rustling beside our bed ceased and all was once again calm.
Heather and I have a rule: there are certain smells that are strictly forbidden under the covers at bedtime as there is no means of escape. But shortly after Lola's daring dream our noses became highly offended by a smell so vile that it, noteably, could not be produced by a human.
However, after the usual amount of dissapation time passed we were both still strongly bothered by the abhorous aroma. After some investigation, we turned on the light. Lola, still curled up in a little doggy sleep ball, was lying next to one freshly prod
uced, still warm piece of K-9 excrement.
How did that happen? She's sleeping. She's dreaming. Then all of the sudden there's poop on the floor. Lola is finely house trained, and my ears can attest that she never stood up. I
can only surmise that her dream was so scary that it literally 'scared the sh*# out of her.'
So, have a laugh at my expense. My name is Nathan, and I have cleaned up dream induced dog poop in the late hours of the night. She produced only one small piece, which makes me think she wasn't intentionally unloading. Rather, somehow, in some weird twisted way, this little piece of poop was just 'the one that got away.'


Erin Miller said...

This blog did for me what my stories about bad children does for you! Cute though.

Cynthia said...

WOW and GROSS!!!

Nora said...

Last weekend Adam made Olive poop on the floor using only a vacuum cleaner and a basket of clean laundry.

Pets are a constant source of joy and enrichment.

Audrey said...

I think dogs dream, too! Nugent does the same thing with the whimpering and the legs moving as if running. Though we have yet to experience "the one that got away" - gross! That's a good reason not to let the dogs sleep on the bed, though!

Vicki Hesse said...