Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4 Years

Five days ago, Heather and I celebrated our four year anniversary! It's still hard to believe that girl has stayed married to this ol' bum for that long and is eager for more.

We said our traditional vows and "I dos" at Isaqueena Point, a private little grassy penninsula, on Lake Keowee, SC. The ceremony lasted no longer than 20 minutes and was attended by no more than 100 people. We didn't want a tiny wedding, but we also didn't want to meet anyone new on our day of nuptual agreement.

Here's a fun picture of Heather and the groomsmen. At the end we left on my dad's testosterone filled 21-foot ski and fish combo Triton boat with a 225 horse power engine (que Tim Taylor's man grunt). It was fun, plus no one degraded our car with used toilet paper and muffler covering condoms (something I wouldn't put past my friends).

To celebrate, this year we went camping at the Davidson River Camp Ground in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC. 5 days and 4 nights later my back was ready for some rest on a real mattress. Here's a few observations and lessons I've gleaned from my time spent in the "semi-wilderness" of the campground.

Camping involves lots, I mean lots, of bending down and getting up and down from the ground. Many muscles in my back which I don't use that much were sore for
many days.

We took the dogs, our babies. They remained tied up while outside the tent, and I'm always puzzled at why, when they lie down, they insist on being at the very end of their leash to the point that the leash is taught and their throats are squeezed a bit. But they'll nap like that.

For some reason, even though we're sleeping in the woods, we always find ourselves offended at the spiders and other creapy crawlers that invade our camp space. I mean, really, where do they get off climbing on our tent and across our gravel?!

I'll always be amazed at just how much gear we are able to pack into our little two-door Saturn coupe which already carries the two of us and two 60lb dogs. Packing the trunk has become an art form at which I am a Rembrandt.

Lastly, one reason I love camping so much is the chance to do nothing but stare at and be in nature. And the cell phones are neglected, save a lovely call from my sister wishing us happy anniversary. (Okay, that's actually two reasons...meh.)

I look forward to many more anniversary camping trips with Heather, who will always be my bride, my sweetheart, the holder of my heart, and the one girl in this world whom I adore endlessly.

I love you Heather. Happy anniversary!

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Vicki Hesse said...

Love: that's what I'm talkin' about! you are smittin!