Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Years Old

Well, it's official, my blog is two years old! On March 21, 2008 I sat at my computer, created an account and wrote two introductory posts to kick start this blog.

The first post ever was an attempt to introduce the title and purpose of the blog. The second post is an introduction to my wife as a means to better get to know this blog's author: me.

Over these two years I have blogged about home life, school, theology, my dogs, books, movies and work. I've worked as a grad school TA, Harris Teeter cashier, a college pastor, and a hospital chaplain. Each of these venues has resulted in some pretty interesting posts; however, my work as a chaplain has certainly yielded the most.

I've shared some very sad stories juxtaposed with posts that bring humor to the reading expereince. Variety has been one of my goals.

Some of my favorite posts have been this one about my wife, this goofy one about a psych patient, the one about learning lessons, this one about hard theological questions, the post just before this about my greeter dogs, this one that makes me laugh and this one which breaks my heart.

I'd very much like to hear what you may like about this blog. Which posts are more appealing? Less appealing? Have any posts from the past stuck in your mind? Do you have a favorite?

I guess what I'm looking for is reader feedback. Suggestions for how to make it better or what to stop doing will be received gracefully. If you've never left a comment, please do just to let me know you're reading.

I'm glad to celebrate the blog's second birthday (or should it be an anniversary?), and I hope to be writing new posts two years from now.



Audrey said...

You have great content on your blog, Nathan. You are a beautiful writer. I have to say the ones this past year that come from your work as a chaplain have made a big impact on me. I will often find myself thinking about them. I loved the goofy psyche patient story. The sad stories in particular, though, and how open you are about what you have experienced. And how you as chaplain have to be there for people, even people that may not be the best of people. The one that breaks your heart breaks mine, too.

I always love hearing about the dogs, too.

Nathan said...

Thanks Audrey, your comments are always uplifting and encouraging.